“I am not a major fan of long term “strategic relationships” with search companies: I believe being “as good as your last search” is a healthier more honest basis for the relationship. That said, Daryl has consistently done a good job over the past 8 years which isn’t something I say lightly. I have bought Daryl into 3 different Companies, and each time she has built a strong relationship, based entirely on her track record and performance. I don’t think she’s ever failed in a search – and believe me some of those searches have been far from a bed of roses. Candidates speak very highly of Daryl and I know she really puts the effort into understanding the brief and the culture and is renowned at coming back very quickly with a classy, well-thought-out shortlist.

I often ask people at interview how they are being treated by the search company and VadarMoss candidates have nothing but respect for Daryl – in fact a number have told me in the past that they will only register with VadarMoss and no other head-hunters – which is a very strong credit to Daryl and her team.”

Joe McCollum
Group HR Director – DMGT


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