Many of our clients use VadarMoss because they do not have the internal resources required to discover, screen, interview and secure the candidates they require for senior-level positions. Not only have we developed a diverse talent pool with active, passive and inactive candidates, but we’re also equipped with the industry expertise needed to generate a shortlist that fully matches the needs of our clients. Unlike other recruitment companies, which typically generate a longer list of candidates who may not be fully qualified for an open position, we spend time screening and communicating with talent to create a concise rundown of the finest candidates for an employment opportunity.

Here’s a further breakdown of the services we offer:

Retained search is where our clients contract us to find candidates who would be suitable for a certain position within their company. Handling the recruitment process from start to finish, we work closely with our client to determine a full brief outlining the pay, expectations and responsibilities of the newly-opened job. In the three months that follow, communication begins with our talent pool to narrow down the candidates who would be best suited for an interview. With unrivalled expertise in the recruitment industry, we work hard to ensure that the concluding offer from a client to a new employer is beneficial for all parties.

We also offer contingency search when urgent positions need to be filled. Here, we scour our talent pools to find candidates who are an ideal match for the job description provided by the client.

If you’re growing your company and want to find an array of potential candidates with specific skills and experience, our talent pipeline service enables our clients to receive notifications about members of the VadarMoss talent pool who match their criteria.

We’re an executive search firm that does things differently – breaking away from the conventional and ineffective methods of posting employment opportunities from our clients on job search sites. If you like saving time and getting better results, choose VadarMoss.

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