Our candidates have the track record, the motivation and the experience to thrive in general management, operational and sales-based positions. VadarMoss specialises in connecting candidates with clients working in the IT, outsourcing, payments, financial and professional service sectors.

Focusing on permanent positions, with salaries that range from £75,000 to six-figure executive packages, we have developed a talent pool with over 20,000 sales professionals. Whereas some talent are actively seeking employment in a new arena, we also cultivate relationships with professionals who may be perceptive to a job change.

If you’re in the market for a new job, we want to hear from you. Whether you’re happy in your current role, or are actively seeking to step up the career ladder, collaborating with VadarMoss is different to the experience you’ll have with a different recruitment agency. Whereas some of our talent approaches us through our website, we also use social media, online searches, referrals, networking and headhunting to learn more about people like you. Talent in the marketplace is something we’re passionate about.

As we work with clients to develop a shortlist with a selection of experienced professionals, it’s important to us that we go to great lengths to find the right people for a job opportunity – and this is where many of the members in our talent pool get the chance to excel in showing their skillset. Here at VadarMoss, we believe that there’s more to a good candidate than their CV. We want to know what drives you and motivates you; the skills you possess that enriches your performance in your chosen speciality, and like to explore whether your personality complements the ethos of the clients we represent.

All of this is determined through telephone interviews, face-to-face meetings and regular conversations, where we can validate your qualifications, and find out more about your ambitions for the future. The private members club beneath our offices is where we meet all of our candidates, and with a professional setting that’s a brilliant contrast from the interview room, this is where we nurture valuable partnerships with professionals who brim with potential.

If you believe that you have the drive, the reputation and the experience to join the VadarMoss talent pool, get in touch for an initial conversation where we can learn more about you. Although you may be perfectly content in the job you have now, who knows when the opportunity of a lifetime could be around the corner?

Our career map even allows new opportunities to be uncovered. Based on the conversations we hold with members of our talent pool, we match the attributes and skillsets of our candidates with a list of companies that they would be well suited for. After this, we invest our time in using our client base and other connections to develop exciting prospects for the candidates we represent.

Nurturing the brightest minds, VadarMoss works hard to make the sectors we serve as productive as possible – helping our clients to craft a workforce tailored to satisfy their business objectives and create a prosperous future.

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