Why You Didn’t Get The Job Offer

Although we are a small team and work closely together we do find it useful to meet weekly out of the office environment to discuss the business and share thoughts and ideas on the challenges candidates are facing getting through the hiring process and what we can do to help.

Do you have the likeability factor?

A very frustrating challenge that seems to be occurring more frequently in the current job market is highly qualified and experienced candidates falling at the final hurdle and clients struggling to provide specific feedback as to why, other than “cultural fit,” or in other words, likability! This article 5 Soft Skills You Should Always Bring Up In An Interview by Miriam Salpeter, a job search and social media consultant, career coach and author, posted on Business Insider highlights the challenge and offers some sound advice and tips on how to enhance your likeability during an interview.

Interview presentations are an opportunity to shine

Another aspect that we are seeing clients include in their hiring process that has tripped up even the most experienced candidates at the final stage, is asking candidates to prepare a presentation on a specific topic. Popular topics include ‘first 90 days in the role’ and ‘the challenges of the role’ As Eoghan McDermott, Head of The Careers Clinic and author of The Career Doctor – How to Get and Keep the Job You Want; points out in this article How to nail an interview presentation posted on JOE.IE a presentation is an “opportunity to shine” by demonstrating your understanding of the company, markets, products and or services. You can really drive home you’re the perfect candidate for the job if you do your homework and follow Eoghan’s simple rules.

You can’t rely on experience alone in today’s job market

There is nothing more frustrating for candidates and headhunters than when a candidate crashes out of the process at the final stage and the feedback is “Don’t think they fit culturally”  or “Their presentation lacked passion and demonstrated limited knowledge of our markets and business.” In today’s highly competitive job market and regardless of how many interviews you may have had or how many sales presentation you’ve delivered you can’t rely on experience alone to get you through the process and secure that offer.

In a previous post The Secret to a Successful Job Interview I talk about employers hiring people they like and using the 7 P’s to help you successfully navigate through the hiring process. It’s vital that you tick the likeability box at every interview and go the extra mile to nail that interview presentation. If you’re going to rely on experience to secure you a job offer don’t be surprised when they offer the other candidate.



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