Is There a Shortage of Sales Talent?

Do you have luxury of choice when hiring?

There’s certainly been no shortage of candidates on the market since the economy took a dive. Competition for a job has been high. Recruiters and hiring managers have been inundated with applicants applying for their roles. You would have thought that was a good thing, but unfortunately, rather than having luxury of choice, the challenge for companies has been finding the talent amongst the many candidates applying, the majority of which lack the skill set, experience and sales track record Sales Leaders are looking for. Does this mean there is a shortage of sales talent?

Traditional recruitment methods not delivering.

I don’t believe there is a lack of sales talent the problem is traditional recruitment methods, such as placing adverts on job boards, are ineffectual at reaching the sales talent out there. The best talent in the market is unlikely to be looking on employment websites and job boards. They won’t have uploaded their details to a CV library or registered with recruitment agencies. The most effective method of reaching these individuals in today’s market is through a direct approach.

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The challenge for a lot of organisations and their Sales Leaders needing to hire sales talent is this direct approach to finding and engaging with candidates requires a change in their recruitment strategies and a hiring team with the necessary skills, knowledge and functional job experience in order to be successful.

What about companies that don’t have the necessary resources or whose headcount planning doesn’t warrant developing these resources in-house? How do they find and engage with the best talent in the market?

Start by reviewing the resources you do have and form your hiring team. Determine where your skills gaps are whether you can fill these gaps internally or need to outsource these areas to recruitment companies and headhunters.

As the economy recovers competition for the best sales talent will intensify. Companies need to be reaching out to passive candidates now and building pipelines of talent ready to harvest when and as they need.

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