Video Interviews: Are you for or against?


What role do video interviews have in the hiring process?

Now 2013 is underway I thought it would be useful to kick off a discussion about the role video interviews will play in the hiring process. There was plenty of commentary last year about the need for organisations to engage more with candidates and focus on “The Candidate Experience” for everyone entering the process not just those who make it through to being hired. Social media platforms and online communities are making it easier for candidates to express their concerns and voice their complaints to the detriment of an organisations employer branding. Does video interviewing provide an opportunity to enhance ‘The Candidate Experience,’ grow employer branding and ultimately result in the hiring of more successful talent?

The goal of this post is to gather opinions from all sides; candidates, clients, hiring managers, HR, recruiters and the vendors providing video interviewing technology. It’s a great opportunity to explore any benefits and drawbacks for using this technology as part of the hiring process.

Let me kick the discussion off by saying as a Headhunter I’m for video interviewing and see many benefits to incorporating this technology in to the screening and hiring process.

  • It’s convenient – candidates can record their video interview and recruiters review them at times that suit them.
  • Saves time – It takes less time to video screen candidates compared to phone screening.
  • Enhances ‘The Candidate Experience’ – engages candidates through informational videos before they start the process.
  • Revealing – video interviews reveal more about a candidates communication skills, personality, and professionalism.
  • Adds value – video interviews together with CV’s and interview notes can be shared with hiring managers to help validate selection.
  • Stand out – video interviews allow candidates to showcase their skills and experience, bringing a CV to life.

It would be great to get and share your thoughts on video interviews and whether you see the use of this technology in the hiring process as a good idea or not. Whether you are a candidate, recruiter, employer or vendor, please join in this discussion and share your comments below.


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