Sales Professionals: Are You Under Valued?


Do you think you are under valued by your current employer? Is your annual review round the corner and it’s time to negotiate a pay rise. Are you a Sales Director frustrated with not being able to attract the best sales talent to your organisation or you lose the best to the competition because your remuneration package just isn’t compelling?

  • 70% of Sales Professionals that took part in our salary survey earn 100% of their basic salary in commission.
  • 47% of Sales Professionals indicated they earn a bonus and commission.
  • Only 8% of Sales Professionals have a company car as a benefit.

Here is the solution, take part in our Sales Professionals Salary Survey and once the survey ends we will analyse the data, compile a report and forward you a free copy.

Don’t worry the Sales Professional Salary Survey is 100% ANONYMOUS and will take less than 5 minutes to complete Click here to take survey The survey will be closed when we hit 1,000 respondents, so please share this with your colleagues, friends, family anyone you would consider a Sales Professional. And don’t forget to sign up to our Newsletter to get your copy. CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER.

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