The Secret to a Successful Job Interview

Don’t waste a job interview opportunity.

We know it’s a very competitive job market right now companies are overwhelmed with applications for their open roles, recruiters and hiring managers are being very selective in choosing candidates to interview. That’s why having secured an interview with a potential new employer you need to ensure you make the most of the opportunity to progress to the next stage and ultimately get that job offer.

Stick to the basics, don’t over analyse.

I’ve seen a lot of commentary recently regarding interview tips and techniques. Advice on every aspect of the job interview is abundantly available online ranging from basic job interview etiquette to psychology and hypnosis. I’ve even seen an article suggesting that consuming the right type of food before the interview will make a difference. I’m sure the authors all mean well and let’s face it regardless of whether you’re starting out on the career ladder or you’ve climbed several rungs already, if munching a few chia seeds gives you an edge who am I to argue!

Employers hire the people they like.

Job interviews are highly subjective affairs, in my experience employers don’t automatically hire the best candidate for the job based on merit alone. With all the screening and pre-selection interviews these days it’s a given that you’re qualified to do the job when you get short-listed for an interview. How you connect with the interviewer will have a major impact on how far you progress through the process. Your personality, communication skills, enthusiasm go a long way in determining if you have the ‘Like’ factor, employers typically hire the person they like best.

The 7 P’s are the secret to successful job interviews.

I believe the 7 P’s are the secret to a successful interview; yes you need to be on-time and dressed appropriately carrying a note pad with a list of carefully crafted questions, firm handshake, maintain eye contact, because lets face it no one with a ‘Floppy fish handshake should ever get hired. But it’s the 7 P’s that will ultimately give you the edge needed to get the job.

The 7 P’s will instil in you confidence, which will relax you and enable you to be yourself, showing off your personality and demonstrating your enthusiasm for the opportunity, leaving the interviewer in no doubt that you will fit into their organisation. Using the 7 P’s you’ll find it easier to communicate and articulate the relevance of your experience, your ability to do the job and the benefits of hiring you.

If you are not familiar with the 7 P’s let me enlighten you Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

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