Must Ask Job Interview Question.

So many candidates fail to ask this question.

I’ve lost count of the number of candidates I’ve interviewed over the past six years and if you add to that all the candidates our clients have interviewed over the past 10 years it will run into many thousands. That’s a lot of interviews and a lot of feedback we’ve given, positive and negative. What never ceases to amaze me is the number of candidates that fail to ask one of the most important job interview questions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to progress.

Considering how competitive the job market is right now and having invested time and effort securing a job interview you wouldn’t want to waste an opportunity to progress through the process, stand out from other candidates and land the job, would you? It seems experience doesn’t matter either, whether this is your first job interview or 21st not asking this one question is a missed opportunity.

This question should be asked at every stage of the recruitment process, especially the final. But judging from clients feedback lots of candidates don’t ask the question and loose out to those candidates that do.

You’ve earned the right to ask for the job.

At the end of an interview, regardless of whether it’s a 1st or final, you’ve earned the right to ask for the job, the hiring manager will be expecting you to ask for the job, it sends a very positive message to the interviewer, that you’re committed, enthusiastic and above all confident. When it’s down to you and another candidate it could be the difference between who gets hired and who doesn’t.

Sorry they felt the other candidate wanted it more.

Now there are many ways you can ask the question, from direct “have I got the job?” to more subtle “Is there anything that would stop you from offering me the job?” just make sure it’s on your list of questions to ask and make sure you ask. I say that because plenty of candidates go in to the interview with this question on their list, but then fail to ask it at the end.

I’ve never had feedback from a client saying the reason the candidate didn’t get the job was because they asked for it or tried to close them. I have however had lots of feedback from clients saying the reason they’ve gone with the other candidate is they wanted it more and asked for the job.






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