8 Reasons To Use A Headhunter In Your Job Search.

The current job market is very competitive and employers have ‘luxury of choice’ when it comes to selecting candidates to put through for interview. Standing out in a busy market is a challenge if your job search strategy is limited to applying for advertised jobs and uploading your CV to job boards. Working with a headhunter will compliment your job search and increase the number of job opportunities open to you. Here are 8 reasons why including a headhunter in your job search strategy is a good idea.

1. Extend your network.

Headhunters are very well networked and have trusted relationships with decision makers and hiring managers. Many of their clients will interview candidates based on their recommendations alone. They can introduce you to organisations that might be outside your network or on the periphery of your industry and experience opening up new job opportunities.

2. Not all jobs are advertised.

Some companies use headhunters exclusively to find candidates for their open positions, rather than advertise these jobs, especially the more senior and higher salaried roles. Working with a headhunter who specialises in your industry will give you access to jobs you wouldn’t otherwise have known about.

3. Discretion and confidentiality.

Everyone is more connected these days, corporate recruiters and hiring managers have access to CV libraries and job boards. Not a good idea to alert your current employer that you are looking for a new job.

4. Coaching.

Headhunters are specialists in their field and know what their clients are looking for. They can help improve your interview skills, providing coaching and advice on interview techniques. They have valuable insights about the organisations they work with such as culture, interview style and the questions you’re likely to be asked during the interview process. The better prepared you are for an interview the better you will perform.

5. Time saving.

Searching for a new job and tracking applications can be very demanding on your time. If you are currently employed it can be a challenge balancing work commitments with the focus needed to find a new job. Working with a headhunter is less demanding on your time, they have the experience, technology and resources to manage and track any opportunities they put you forward to.

6. Curriculum Vitae.

When applying for a job direct through an advert your CV determines whether you get through the screening process and on to the interview shortlist. Headhunters see 1,000’s of CV’s and are very knowledgeable about what clients in their industry expect to see in a good CV. They can provide advice on the best format, content and layout of your CV making it more relevant to jobs within your industry and more effective at getting you interviews.

7. Support.

It can be very frustrating and stressful searching for a new job especially in today’s competitive market. Headhunters will support you through the process giving you practical advice, constructive feedback and guidance at every stage.

8. The Professional Approach.

Headhunters combine their industry knowledge, recruitment experience and sales skills when approaching organisations on your behalf. They often have direct access to the hiring managers and decision makers and are far more effective at promoting you and your skills, experience and the value you bring to an organisation than you would be able to achieve through submitting your CV direct. They are experts at presenting candidates to hiring managers, matching their skills and experience with those of the clients needs.

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