Q&A with Daryl WIlliams, Managing Director and Founder of VadarMoss.

Find out more about Daryl in our quick Q&A…

Why did you set up VadarMoss?

There were two main reasons. Firstly, I decided there was a better way to deal with senior level upper-quartile candidates than the usual – which is to ‘sell jobs’ and fit round pegs in square holes. Most companies in our arena don’t deal with people professionally – they are only interested in a ‘quick buck’ whereas we see the value in creating and maintaining long term business relationships. It also means our clients only ever see really high quality people.

Secondly, I wanted to grow and develop a professional recruitment business. So many of our competitors treat their staff as simply money making machines and don’t reward them properly. At VadarMoss I have tried to create an environment that invests in people and is professional, motivational and fun! I’ve worked for large corporations and small businesses, so I’ve aimed to include the best of both to create happy teams and people.

You also had your own career in Sales…

Yes, I was the youngest ever Sales Director for Avon Cosmetics, which was a hard-nosed cold-calling sell. The training was superb. I was there for 8 years, promoted constantly and learned everything I know today.

Have you ever been headhunted yourself?

Yes, very badly. They knew nothing about me – just tried to sell me a job!

What do you love most about your job?

No two days are the same. I love meeting successful people and learning about their lives. It’s like second nature to me to be interested in them. I have often said I don’t really interview people but ‘get to know them’. I actually like most of my candidates and clients. There are great highs but enormous lows in this job. I am still very ‘hands on’ and although I hate the lows, it’s a challenge and I like the variety. Of course, I like the success too!

What advice would you give others considering entering the Executive Search sector?

If you are activity driven you can turn your destiny around in a week. If things are not going well – just focus and get your head down. You control what you do. You make your own product and it’s up to you to get the best product in and sell it! With a bit of hard work and dedication, it can all turn around very quickly – unlike most sales roles. You make your own destiny and what you put in, you get out.

What do you think you bring to your job – one of your candidates said you were ‘caring’ in an industry that isn’t renowned for those qualities!

It’s exactly that. We take an interest in people and even if we don’t have an immediate role for them we will network like mad to gain them some meetings with senior company execs who may create roles around them.

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