Is your Recruitment Process Damaging the Company’s Brand?

All candidates should have a positive experience.

Do you consider how your company’s brand will be viewed by those candidates you and your recruitment company engage with during the recruitment process? How important is it to you and your organisation that all candidates have a positive experience not just the ones you hire?

Recruitment companies should be viewed as an extension of your brand and be able to represent your company positively in the market. This was highlighted in two recent testimonials from our clients: Guy Harris – Elavon and Joe McCollum – DMGT.

Candidates who have a bad experience through the recruitment process are more likely to leave with a negative impression of your company which these days can easily spread far and wide through social media and impacting your ability to secure the talent you need. Clients only get to see the candidates selected for interview, what about those that were screened out by the recruitment company, what impression did they leave the process with?

How do you source candidates?

Some recruitment companies rely heavily on the use of job boards and CV Libraries to source candidates, which are very effective tools for generating applicants; however the quality of these will vary considerably with the majority being qualified out based on their CV’s leaving a long list of candidates to call and qualify further. Others like VadarMoss will source candidates from their established networks of talent pools and referrals. These are a higher calibre of candidate they already have relationships with and better qualified than sourcing through job boards and CV Libraries.

Who’s making the calls?

What do you know about the recruiters who will be making these calls and what experience and knowledge do they have of your industry to help build rapport and credibility with the candidates and assist them in qualifying in or out. If they do leave the process at this stage has it been a positive experience?

Don’t lose them now.

The next stage of the process should be a face-to-face meeting to further qualify candidates in or out of the shortlist. Where are these meeting held; in a Starbucks or does the recruitment company have offices? How experienced is the recruiter at interviewing for this level of role and how well do they know what qualifies as a quality candidate and a good fit for the role and your organisation.  What’s the process for candidates who exit at this stage?

Avoid surprises.

Now you enter the critical phase of the recruitment process. From the candidates selected for interview your end goal is to make an offer and secure the best candidate for the role. How they have been managed by the recruiter and how well aligned what they have been told about the role, opportunity, organisation and culture with what they hear on interview can have a huge influence on their decision to stay in the process and whether they view you and your brand positively or negatively.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

When selecting recruitment company’s to work with look beyond the well presented individuals you first meet and get details about the team who will be involved in the recruitment process. Where and how they source candidates should also be considered. Check out their social media profiles for what’s being said about them. Remember the saying ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ Well it’s the recruitment company you chose that’s making the first impression.


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