5 Ways You Can Impress A Headhunter

If you’ve never used a headhunter as part of your job search or don’t have one in your network you are missing out on potential job opportunities. Today’s headhunters don’t just work on retained searches, they are very well networked with senior executives, decision makers and hiring managers, making them well placed to hear about job opportunities before anyone else. But getting on a headhunters radar isn’t just a case of sending them your CV they tend to be very selective, especially in the current job market. So here are 5 tips that will help you get noticed by headhunters, access to their networks and potential job opportunities.

1. Referrals.

Applying for jobs through adverts and job boards is difficult to stand out. Using you network to find someone who can refer you is a far better approach. This is the same for headhunters you are far more likely to get a call from a headhunter if you’ve been referred by someone in their network. Search LinkedIn and see who you know that can refer you.

2. Research.

Most headhunters specialise either by industry or job function and they develop their networks around these specialities. Conduct some research to identify headhunters that specialise in your sector, check out their profiles on LinkedIn and review their company websites to see if the market sectors, job functions and level of roles are relevant to your experience and skill set. It’s very frustrating for you and the headhunter, especially if you’ve been referred, when they have to tell you they can’t help because your profile isn’t relevant.

3. Your CV.

At some point the headhunter is going to ask to see your CV make sure it’s up to date and ready to send. Any delay in sending your CV over sends out the wrong message and makes the headhunter think you’re not serious, you also lose momentum. Review your CV and make sure it’s well laid-out and highlights the areas that make you unique and relevant to the headhunters market. Take a look at our previous blogs: 5 Reasons Your CV is Being Rejected and CV Essentials.

4. Achievements.

Blow your own trumpet, make a list of all your key achievements and what impact they had on the business and be prepared to quote facts and figures. Talk about your targets, how you were measured and how well you performed against these targets. This is your opportunity to sell yourself to the headhunter, but don’t exaggerate, headhunters can spot BS a mile away and make sure your CV reflects these achievements.

5. Professionalism

Making a great first impression is vital when dealing with headhunters, treat all calls and meetings as you would any professional business meeting. You need to instill confidence in a headhunter that you are reliable and will perform well in front of clients. Headhunters have invested a lot of time and effort in developing their networks and reputations. They have earned the trust of their clients through the quality of candidates they put forward and will not risk damaging these relationships.

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