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On joining VadarMoss, and working with exceptionally talented sales professionals, I assumed that they would be experts at selling themselves when looking to make their next career move. Unfortunately all too often this is not the case with many of you not having overhauled your profile since you left University.

The most common mistake, no matter your level of seniority, is forgetting that for most roles you’ll need to be target-driven and financially motivated. Tenacity, resilience, quick thinking and the ability to build long-term relationships are also important.

As a successful sales professional you have developed fantastic communicative skills, domain knowledge and expertise, and of course you know how to sell. If you apply these attributes to writing your CV you’ll succeed in gaining more interest from prospective employers and ultimately being invited to interviews.

Put yourself in an employers shoes, rather than offering a blow-by-blow account of what your average working day involves, make it succinct and ideally no longer than 2 pages. Keep the emphasis on what you’ve achieved in each role; consistent target attainment, awards and recognition you’ve received, business growth and anything else that will make you stand out over-and-above the various other CV’s that will have landed on their desk.

Don’t forget to fill in any career gaps and, with the wonder that is the world-wide-web, be aware that there’s very little an employer can’t find out about you with a quick Google search. Uncovered CV inconsistencies, or any indiscretions that you haven’t been upfront about, generally aren’t well received.

So with that in mind, for those of you thinking about a career move, throw out your old CV and start again with fresh eyes. Focus on what’s relevant to the roles you are applying for and don’t forget to SELL yourself. Once that’s nailed give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you!

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