My Social Media Journey

If you’d asked me at the start of 2011 what I thought of blogging and social media I’d have said “depends on the crime” and “I only read The Sunday Times”. I had a profile on LinkedIn a dormant Facebook page and Twitter was definitely for the birds! Twelve months on and I’m hooked on social media as a business tool. So what’s changed?

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Corn flakes. No they haven’t changed, but it was whilst pouring a bowl for breakfast that I first noticed the Facebook logo on the box. Obviously I’d seen the logo before but this was the first time I’d noticed it and it was like the first time I heard the name Eddie Stobart. I have driven thousands of miles on our motorways and never recall seeing an Eddie Stobart lorry, but once the name was in my head I saw hundreds of them on the motorways. The same happened with the Facebook logo I started seeing it everywhere on other products packaging, tv commercials and websites. My interest in social media had been awakened and I realised there was an opportunity here we needed to explore.

I signed up for a few ‘Social Media and Recruitment’ seminars and searched the internet for anything related to social media, recruitment and small businesses. The more I heard and read the more I knew we needed to be using these tools to engage with our customers and increase our brand awareness. I felt like the ‘Mark’ in one of the episodes of the BBC’s Hustle, I’d had the ‘convincer’ and I was totally sold on the idea. All I needed now was to know how to use the tools!

As if by magic I received an email from Keren Lerner, Director at Top Left Design, a London-based web design company. It was an invitation to a social media workshop offering practical advice on using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogging. I attended the workshop and by the end of the day I’d sent my first ever Tweet. Besides a basic understanding of how to use these tools I also left with a feeling that a little knowledge could be dangerous so I decided to sign up for Keren’s 1-2-1 Social Media Training to further develop my new-found skills. The training was great just the right level for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for practical help and advice on using social media.

Part one of my social media journey is complete. I have a good understanding of how to use these social media tools and VadarMoss now has a presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I’m tweeting and posting status updates daily and according to Klout I’m a conversationalist and influential about 8 topics.

I know part two is going to be a longer journey a bit like the difference between taking a flight to Spain and flying to Austrialia. Building a community of followers and sharing content they find relevant and valued is challenging, but we’ll get there eventually. Social media is independent it doesn’t matter whether you are a house hold brand like Kelloggs or a specialist recruitment company like VadarMoss the opportunity to reach out to your customers and engage with them is the same. It’s going to be interesting looking back in twelve months time to see how successful we’ve been in building a community of followers and raising our brand awareness.

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